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La mer Ultra Booster Premium Effect Cream Tag SPF20 Refill 50ml

by La mer
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50.0ml | €15.98 / 10ml

La mer Ultra Booster Premium Effect Cream Tag SPF20 Refill 50ml

  • Sustainable refill for the Premium Effect Cream Day with sun protection factor 20
  • Refill instead of throwing away: you get the day cream with SPF 20 in a refill dispenser, which you screw into the existing glass container.
  • Let's work together to ensure sustainable handling of packaging waste!
  • Multi-active anti-aging day cream with sun protection filter 20
  • For a fresh, youthful complexion
  • Effective against wrinkles
  • Instantly plumps up the skin
  • Fills up the moisture depots
  • Activates the skin's longevity factors

This plumping day cream with sun protection factor 20 and the active ingredient complex Osmofill is especially suitable for dehydrated skin. With each application, sea silt extract and Codium Tomentosum extract fill up the moisture depots. Snow algae extract activates the skin's longevity factors. Wrinkles smooth out, your face looks youthfully refreshed.

Note: This is exclusively the refill of the day cream with sun protection factor. Use without the associated glass dispenser is not possible. You get the glass dispenser when you buy the regular Premium Effect Cream with SPF 20.

50 ml refill dispenser, with perfume, sun protection factor 20


To replace the refill container, unscrew the product and remove the empty container. Remove the sealing foil from the new container and screw it into the dispenser head.

 Then apply the cream as usual to the face, neck and décolleté every morning after cleansing.

active ingredient complex

  • Sea silt extractprovides lasting moisture and strengthens the skin's protective barrier
  • Extract from Codium tomentosumfills up the moisture deposits
  • Snow algaestrengthens the skin's resistance
  • Oligo hyaluronic acidinstant moisture
  • Hymagic 4Dform a three-dimensional network and target different layers of the skin
  • Jojoba oilprotects against moisture loss
  • Shea buttercares and ensures suppleness#
  • Avocado oilvery nourishing oil rich in vitamins


  • Free from silicones, parabens, PEGs, paraffin and microplastics