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La mer Advanced Skin Refining Beauty Cream Nacht 50ml, ohne Parfum

by La mer
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50.0ml | €6.78 / 10ml

La mer Advanced Skin Refining Beauty Cream Nacht 50ml, ohne Parfum

  • Regenerating, pore-refining night cream
  • Vitalizes, stimulates and stimulates the metabolism
  • Has a pore-refining effect by reactivating the skin's own moisture storage
  • Combats expression lines and prevents wrinkles
  • Tip: Ideal as a starter series

Regenerating, pore-refining night cream with the active ingredient complex Quadromar, extract from the blue-green algae Phormidium persicinum, shea butter and squalane. Stimulates cell metabolism overnight, protects and strengthens the skin's elasticity. With regular use, expression lines and skin relief are smoothed out and your complexion appears regenerated and fresh.

The Advanced Skin Refining series with the New Skin Effect visibly refines pores, makes the complexion radiant and gives a more even complexion. Advanced Skin Refining contains the active ingredient complex Quadromar made from valuable sea silt extract, an active ingredient from marine phytoplankton, extracts from a unicellular green alga and smoothing peptides.

50 ml, without perfume


Apply regularly to the face in the evening after cleansing and massage in gently.

active ingredient complex

  • Sea Silt Extractprovides lasting moisture and strengthens the skin's protective barrier
  • Mariner "Perfecting" active ingredientrefines the pores and gives a radiant complexion
  • Unicellular green algagives the skin new energy
  • Punishing Peptidenoticeable anti-wrinkle effect by stimulating formation
    skin's own hyaluronic acid
  • additiveBlaue Mikroalge Phormidium persicinus
    regenerates overnight


  • Without silicones
  • Without PEGs
  • Without parabens
  • Without paraffin
  • Selectable with or without fragrance
  • Good skin compatibility dermatologically confirmed