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Jean d´Arcel purifante Oil Control / cure normalisante 7x2ml

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Jean d´Arcel purifante Oil Control / cure normalisante 7x2ml

Help with pimples and blemished skin - this ampoule, specially developed for blemished skin, dissolves calluses in the area of the sebaceous glands and hair follicles thanks to its particularly keratolytic effect. This allows sebum-regulating and antibacterial active ingredients to penetrate better. Disturbed skin functions are normalized, signs of inflammation are counteracted and the regeneration of affected skin cells is improved. With regular use, the formation of new impurities and pimples is effectively prevented.

Can be used as a 7-day intensive treatment or depending on the needs of the skin. Apply the contents of one ampoule to cleansed skin in the morning or evening. Then apply the care cream that suits your skin type.

OHA Royal Jelly has a clearly proven sebum-regulating and keratolytic effect. The anti-bacterial effect is particularly remarkable. This means that in the right concentration, the number of bacteria on the skin is significantly reduced. Hamamelis-Extrakt has an anti-inflammatory, astringent and soothing effect. Tamarind Extract strengthens the skin's defense system, protects against free radicals, moisturizes, detoxifies and regenerates the skin. lemon extract is known for its astringent, tonic effect. In addition, the healing process is supported. The antiseptic effect of the active ingredient is particularly effective when used against blemished skin.