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Forlle´d Hyalogy Deep Purifying Mask 100g

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Forlle´d Hyalogy Deep Purifying Mask 100g

Absorption of excess sebum

Absorption of deadkeratinocytes

Anticomedogenic effect,Comedone prevention

Prevention of excessivesebum secretion

Normalization of the sebum composition

slight anti-inflammatoryeffect

Pronounced calmingeffect

Wound healing, regeneratingeffect

PH value:5.0



especially in case of skin irritations and irritations

• Rosacea

Recommendedage: suitable for allage

Contraindications: individual intolerance to any ingredient

Product description:

This film-forming gel mask acts as a "natural sorbent" and removes excess sebumand dead keratinocytes, has a gentle and drying effect on inflamed areas , skin irritationsand swellings are alleviated and reduced.

The mask contains a unique acid complex consisting of oleanolic acid, obtained fromolive tree leaves, and nordihydroguayretic acid. The interaction of this complex withother ingredients, such as bentonite and Moroccan clay (gassoul), as well as with Japaneserosebutene extract and makes the mask a must-have product foreveryone who attaches great importance to a thorough and effective revitalization of the skin.


• Distribute evenly and thinly onto the cleansed skin.

Avoid contact with hair-covered skin. Wait for the fulldrying of the mask and formationof[_0127_1]2_7

Remove the mask.

Any residues

Rinse off with a damp compress.